Robot of the Day: Oct 04, 2021

Still working through backlog and hitting some highlights. For more, please visit the robots on Instagram @robotoftheday

The journey out to the fringe of the Unmapped Area was swift and uneventful. And from the outside the derelict structure was merely interesting, utterly lacking any menace and presenting only the ravages of the environment. However, once inside the atmosphere changed almost immediately— there seemed a charge to the air. My companions informed me that they were detected elevated and fluctuating EM noise. Oddly, broken glass covered the floor yet the few windows present were still intact. We gave up attempting to avoid stepping on any and cautiously picked our way deeper into the structure, glass crunching underfoot. Shadows from our lights danced on the walls and ceiling. “What did you say?” I asked. Both robots stopped and turned towards me, “We did not say anything. What are you detecting?” I turned back the way we had come, “What? Wait…is there someone in here with us??”

Pen and ink drawing of two robots exploring the dark interior of a derelict building.
“What was that?” Documenting the robots’ adventures with old-school pencil, quill pen, and IC Comic “Super Black” India ink.

Say something, puny hu-man! Beepboop!

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