Robot of the Day: Inktober #22

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UPDATE: Someone decoded the punch card within just an hour or two of posting!

The robot returned its attention to the punchcard, switching optics to 2x mag. The printing on the card had faded a little; the bottle had provided protection against moisture, but not against the sun. There appeared to be 80 columns, with rows numbered one through nine. After a moment’s calculation, the robot determined that an attempt at decoding could be expensive in terms of power: all cores would be utilized which meant increased heat generation. More heat meant more fans, which meant an increased drain on batteries. A decoding attempt would have to until help was available.


Robot of the day: Pants!

I can’t remember when the robots first started wearing pants, but it was out of a need for utility rather than fashion. Once they discovered that pants were highly effective at preventing gross contamination of their undercarriage they became widely accepted.


Robot of the Day: Inktober #20

After a moment of consideration and a calculation of the force required, the robot brought the bottle down sharply onto its knee— the bottom half of the vessel shattered, releasing the two data cards within. The robot took a moment to appreciate this: a packet of data rendered in atoms instead of bits.


Robot of the Day: November 15

No one knew where they came from nor where they went. There was some speculation that they were attracted by the large radio towers on the crest of the hill. “The electromagnetic fields must be delicious,” supposed the robot. “You’ve got to be kidding,” I replied. “How could something that big move about unnoticed? You’ve learned how to tell stories, haven’t you?”