Robot of the Day: February 1

“Hey. What’s up,” intoned the robot, flicking an odd little hand gesture.
“I suppose I could respond with some sort of math joke involving integers,” I replied, arching one eyebrow.
“Yes, but you would probably get it wrong.”
“Barada nikto, robot” i shot back.


Robot of the Day: January 31

“This way, please,” said the robot, gesturing towards the door. I made a non-specific sound of acknowledgement, distracted as I was by finishing a text message on my phone. When I looked up the robot was several steps ahead but had stopped in its tracks, looking back over its shoulder at me. This was a first; the robots usually wait for me to take action before they do so.


Robot of the Day: January 30

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If a robot could be described as “looking surprised,” this one did. At the sound of my approach, the robot whirled around in a buzz of servos. Whether or not the robot was surprised, I certainly was and took an involuntary step back.


Robot of the Day: Lovin’ Local in Vancouver Washington

Local art by local artists, free admission! Saturday, February 16, Vancouver Art Space, Vancouver, WA. The robots are working on producing a few new things for this event.
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Robot of the Day: January 24

The sun had set some time ago and all that was left was a lingering blue light refracting through the atmosphere. I paused for a moment in a bubble of quietude, noting that I had an observer. The robot did not move, and continued to watch as I continued on my way up the street.