Robot of the day: March 27

Hawaiian Air motion sickness (barf) bag. We wonder who will find it? (Or worse, USE it.)


2 thoughts on “Robot of the day: March 27

  1. I found this while cleaning that plane! I kept it and was wondering when you would post it here, it took a while… Might be time to upgrade some of your processors? ^_^ It’s nice and safe, (and thankfully sickness-free =D) on the wall in our room now! =P Thank you for sharing your awesome artwork!!!


    1. That’s fantastic! It was a “message-in-a-bottle” sort of experiment– we never really expected anyone to find it so quickly. You guys are thorough! 🙂

      We’d like to post a photo of the bag in its new home to the blog. Would you mind taking a photo of the bag pinned to your wall? Or you can take a photo of yourself with the bag… or whatever. However, if you don’t feel like doing so (for security, privacy, etc) we’re also okay with that.

      You can reach us at “robots(at)” Just replace (at) with @

      Thanks for letting us know you found the bag! So cool!



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