Robot of the day: Win a robo-doodle!

Win an original robot sketch card! Leave a comment telling us who your favorite robot is from movies, comics, wherever. Then on Friday, August 23, we’ll select five (utilizing a highly complex robotic random selection algorithm) to receive an original robot doodle on an “Artist Trading Card.” How about that, puny hu-mans? Beepboop!


7 thoughts on “Robot of the day: Win a robo-doodle!

  1. I can’t believe 16incheswestofperoria already chose Marvin! He’s my favorite fictional character, humans included. Imperfections like depression and sarcasm in man-made machines always makes me happy for some reason. Still, GLaDOS form the “Portal” video games is a pretty cool robot, as well. She’s crafty, cunning, creepy, and like Marvin, a bit facetious. She’s the only robot I know that has lived in a potato. Plus, she sings super catchy songs during the credits, which often get stuck in my head. (For some obscure reason, people look at me weirdly when they catch me singing them in my robot voice. Go figure.) Basically, sarcasm + singing = a pretty awesome bot :]


    1. Checked out GLaDOS on Wikipedia. Makes me want to investigate Portal. Which is just that much more evidence that I am old: video games that are bigger than Hollywood yet invisible to me.

      With Marvin, the big technology leap was from the page to the radio.

      Still is.


  2. My favorite might just be Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Books and movies are littered with tales of depressed people. (We’ve all been there: nothing to see, nothing to hope for; sorry folks, parks closed–moose out front should have told you.) But when Douglas Adams created his robot, he merged depression with a planet-sized brain, something that hadn’t been successfully accomplished since May 1953, when the entire Princeton science community spontaneously abandoned Einstein at a favorite bistro, leaving him to deal with a ridiculously large tab using nothing more than arcane mathematical formulas, a three-stringed violin and the window in the men’s restroom.


  3. Favorite robot?! Oh my! Let’s see…
    Either WALL-E from the Disney film (because he sure looks like the robot from the Muppets in the 1980’s) or Carmen the Fix-It from “Batteries Not Included” (1987). Of course, Bender from Futurama makes the top three favorite robots on my list!


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