Robot of the day: September 8, part deux

Part of the fun of tabling in an Artists’ Alley is the amazing creative energy that charges the very air. The robots had a neighbor called Ghost Cats ( This spurred a discussion amongst the robots about the nature of death and what it might mean for a robot to die. One criteria that popped up early in our discussions was that of loss of signal (LOS). Prior to catastrophic damage or failure, this LOS would prevent the transmission of data. Analogous to “brain death” in mammals.

Robot of the day: September 8

After sharing my Moomin books with the robots, they became intrigued with Finland’s “crypto-fauna” and embarked on a journey there in search Moomintroll, et al. They recounted a harrowing tale of an encounter with a herd of electrically charged Hattifatteners.

Robot of the day: Rose City Comic Con is a week away!

Rose City Comic Con is next weekend! (September 7-9) Come visit the robots in Artist Alley— there will be loads of awesome local artists there!

Robot of the day: August 18

Newton was one of the most respected of the analysts, able to build bridges between seemingly unrelated memory stores and thus synthesize meaning from a soup of chaotic data.

Robot of the day: August 15

Ignoring its surroundings, the robot strode through the abandoned halls. The bright light streamed through the high windows illuminating nothing but forgotten purpose.